Site Info

This site is set up to provide information on another site, facttracks.org, that is currently under construction. It also provides information on a book, entitled “INEQUALITY”, that is an associate or accompanying book to that site. The book is also nearing completion after several years in production, research, – writing and re-writing – ad nausea.

That site was initially started in response to an observation that a large swath of the global population was making electoral decisions (where it exists), that were in direct opposition to their own self interest. This pointed clearly to aberrations in thinking or in philosophical thought and positioning.

A central and fundamental theme in the human mind is ‘self survival’. Obviously, something had gone awry in their thinking processes, where the survival of the individual is willingly subordinated not to the individual, familial, society, grouping, class, state or nation, but specifically to a few other individual persons who are perceived simply as capable of wielding power. An analysis of this forced a confrontation with historical precedents – absolutionism, religion, feudalism, the Enlightenment and today – capitalism and democracy (real or perceived).

That site was initiated with the objective of examining some specific factors to counter some of the confusion, fallacies and contradictions in this observed phenomenon. The vectors driving the narratives to the ‘center of gravity’ of this phenomenon is money, greed, and the distortion of democracy.

To this end we address several broad topics.

That site, facttracks, is designed to be highly interactive with discussion facilities for subscribers or purchasers of the book INEQUALITY. The purpose of this constraints is to limit discussion to persons serious about the focus of the discourse. The ‘world’ can read, which we encourage but only ‘subscribers’ are allowed to POST.

The substance and style of the discourse is intended to be inclusive of all (i.e. NOT exclusive to the proverbial elite ‘Ivory Tower’ theoretician type, we hope to serve as a platform for the labor movement too). One of the issues to be overcome is the communication gap; this is the gap in presenting a complex argument, sometimes laden with nuances to a target audience that is not prepared for it.

The latter allows for the exclamation of simplistic solutions in slogans, it evokes acceptance as an emotional gut response, and no demand for its expansion or explanation as how it will be achieved is given.  Eventually, the progenitor achieves his/her objective , fails to perform as stated/claimed, the receptor(s) eventually become disillusioned and withdraw from the process. A new population emerges and the cycle repeats itself.

Critical thinking is the only approach to break this repetitive cycle, the objective of that site – but does the system advocate this? A resounding NO!. The status quo (essentially conservatism) is always presented as preferred, easier to deal with – no perceived risks. Only the disenfranchised, the ‘Have Nots’, need to be aware of this.

As the leaders fail in performing as promised, or even before, they become more autocratic, blaming every one or thing amenable of being scapegoated. Remember 1935, Benito Mussolini vowing to make Italy great again.