Crowd Funding

The initial funding for the Project will utilize a ‘crowd funding’ strategy implementing the Indiegogo On-Line facility and will occur in two phases. There will, unavoidably, be some amount of overlap between these two phases.  The first phase shall address the various set up costs, printing, storage, S&H and distribution of the book ‘Inequality’. Cost of funding [COF] i.e. rewards and perks, will be debited to this also. Labor costs will be kept to a minimum as much as possible.

The Schedules for the Funding Protocols, rewards and perks will be listed here as soon as possible [ASAP].

The second phase will address the expansion of the On-Line presence and communication development to maintain interactive activities. This has already begun, and will have to go through many iterative stages of expansions. Initially there is/would be regular web hosting on hosted rental computers. But in order to accommodate higher usage volume, high throughput, large byte storage etc. dedicated servers, co-location will be required.

If your name and email address is placed on the Coming Soon Page at at this point your info will be stored in a local database and you shall be notified when the campaign begins.