These are pages substantively excerpted or extracted from the book INEQUALITY and on the site facttracks.org

The Explanation

The site facttracks.org was developed to identify the “The Problem” and analyze the individual components within it.

It analyses in detail the contradictions in Capitalism that has bubbled to the surface, creating the problems we now face and its economic stagnation, the gross “INEQUALITY” that it has created. It addresses the fallacies within the system that has been propagated & popularized to soothe and benumbed the populace. It explains some (not all) of the systems used to transfer value from the working class to the ‘Wealth Owning Class’, from the ‘99.9%’ to the ‘0.1%’. Note: we do not use the term ‘middle class’. It pays considerable attention to the role of “Pseudo Capital” and ‘speculation’ in the problem, not to forget ‘mergers & acquisitions’, ‘boom & bust’ and much more.

The site deals with Money, ostensibly a token of value, that has now become a commodity itself. It lists some of the pages in facilities in the site, The site is structured to be interactive with active Discussion Groups as a prelude to action. See Facttracks Site Content for a listing of Pages on that site and Chapters in the Book INEQUALITY.

Capitalism is the problem and must be replaced.
Replaced with a worker owned self governing system with direct participatory democracy.