These are pages substantively excerpted or extracted from the book INEQUALITY and on the site

The Book “INEQUALITY” is published in three (3) formats, an e-format (Kindle and ePUB), a soft cover and a hard cover. They are designed to provide a more in depth analysis of issues raised on the main site. They are intended to provide a more in depth & philosophical interpretation to the reader, in order to arm him/her in adopting a more definitive posture in the inevitable struggle that lay ahead. It is the intent that this can improve the postures for discussions in the facilities.

The eBook formatted copies have the advantage that several pages or topics are internally linked, this facilitates cross referencing. E-PUB copies will be distributed with the soft and hardcover editions. All contributors to the “crowd funding campaign” will receive an e-format edition and an automatic subscription to the Discussion facilities on that Site.

Links to a few pages of the book are provided for preview purposes – Preview This also contains the Table of Content [TOC].

It also provides information on a crowd funding campaign that is being developed to execute the printing of the book. This campaign will be continued beyond this initial phase, in order to cover the costs of servers, webinars, podcasts etc. that would be required to keep the interactive nature of the Movement alive.

Yes, it is an embryonic movement, one of many, Global in nature, that would be needed to counter the ‘right shift’ to Ultra Nationalism and to channel the ‘ collective energies’ of the enlightened. Although we do not contribute to or advocate any vertical hierarchical in our organizational structures, we do assume the prerogative of initiating the preliminary steps as a ‘seeding’ venture. Of course order does at times spontaneously emerge out of chaos but we cannot wait indefinitely for this.

Capitalism is the problem and must be replaced.
Replaced with a worker owned self governing system with direct participatory democracy.



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