These are pages substantively excerpted or extracted from the book INEQUALITY and on the site


Having defined the problem and its components it is possible to define a solution. Everyone wants a change but not many knows what to change into. The traditional left has failed the workers, capitalism and the right have always exploited labor. There is confusion, apathy and indifference in the midst of the ubiquitous GREED. A change is required. Capitalism must be replaced. Labor, not capital, must take possession of the production process, the economy. The economy must be changed to a worker owned self governing one with direct participatory democracy. The ‘fixed planned economy’ does not work, it has led to the proliferation of an inefficient elite bureaucrats.

Several Institutions have to be replaced, NOT merely modified or reformed. Capitalism like Slavery is not something to be rehabilitated, or something to be made more palatable, it is fundamentally flawed.

The book addresses this in full. It would be supremely naivé to expect the grossly wealthy to make these changes and minimize inequality for labor, the working class. It is not in their interest or responsibility.



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