The Problem

These are pages substantively excerpted or extracted from the book INEQUALITY and on the site

The Problem

There is a Global shift in the World’s politics, a shift to the extreme right; possibly a dominant shift too, populist and ultra nationalistic in flavor. This is presumably in response to the last economic crisis, its slow recovery and the electoral fatigue with the effective non-performance of the established political system, – the proverbial “political elite”.

Leaders are emerging, who are propagating simplistic naivé explanation for causes and solutions to complex economic and social problems. These persons have designed their rhetoric to appeal to the basest level of human emotions; ‘Love’ of whatever could be identified with “the self” and then ‘hate’ with everyone falling outside of those circles. There are no concerns about educating their followers. “Winning” is the sole and only objective.

Everyone, everything that could be ‘scapegoated’, will be – Globalization, ‘common markets’ refugees, immigrants, minorities (or the weak) within the population,  and only ‘God’ knows who or what’s next?

When there is a problem, the first rational thing to be done is to define the problem, analyze it, break it down into its component part. It is impossible to solve a problem without first knowing what it is.

A solution (not necessarily ‘The Solution’) is much more difficult to realize. One might hypothesize solutions to individual components or even collections of them. Many hypothesis could be proposed, but their validity would need to be tested at least in some virtual thought experiment. In that way contradictions, fallacies, illogical concepts and deductions can be eliminated.

It must be realized that there is a difference between ‘sound logic’ and logic that ‘sounds good’.

When the contradictions in the system are found to be hostile there is no way that they can be accommodated in the system, the system must be scrapped, it cannot be reformed. Yet there would be many, who secretly would want to conserve the ‘status quo’, even unwittingly wanting to perpetuate the system. As an example during the recent period of black slavery, there were persons, perhaps thinking they were being well intentioned, argued that what was needed, was better treatment to blacks, perhaps more health care, better clothing, housing and feeding. Well, put it this way, even if placed in gilded cages and gorged with the best of foods – They would still be slaves. Furthermore, there are those still who are bent on distorting the truth, creating the reality of ‘alternate facts’. The greatest exploiters that have become the greatest advocates for the workers. Does one remember the ‘Monarchist’ who during the French Revolution claimed to be Pro Republic.

Capitalism is the problem and must be replaced.





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